Urine Smells

Urine smell is not often thought of as a symptoms of problems, but it can be a great indicator of urinary tract imbalances caused by metabolic disorders or infections. Here is what different smells mean.

Foul Smelling Urine - may be due to bacteria, indicating urinary tract infections.
Sweet Smelling Urine - possible diabetes or a rare metabolism disease (maple syrup urine disease).
Musty Smelling Urine - occurs in liver disease and certain metabolic disorders.
Urine with no smell - normal pee has little to no odor. If it is accompanied with light yellow color it is a very good sign.

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In many cases these are not terribly dangerous as all of them can be caused by foods or temporary metabolic problems. If any of these become chronic, you may want to see a doctor and perform a urine test for possible urinary problems.

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