Urine Sediment

In case of a number of different urinary tract, or metabolic problems or conditions, different particles that don't typically appear in the urine, may appear in the urine. This may occur for a number of reasons.

Causes For Urine Sediments To Appear

Protein may appear in urine if the kidneys are having trouble filtering particles and larger particles than usual get into the urine. Often, these are protein particles. Protein in urine is called Proteinuria. The most common protein found in urine is a protein called Albumin. The condition of having Albumin in your pee is called Albuminuria. A symptom of Proteinuria or Albuinuria is cloudy looking pee.

Another possible cause of sediments to appear in urine are possible kidney problems such as kidney stones. In fact a symptom of having cloudy urine is often suggestive of a possible kidney stone that may soon need to be removed. There are also many non-urinary metabolic problems that can be suspected in case pee has noticeable sediment in it. It is a sign that the body is trying to get rid of extra chemicals and substances, and using the urinary tract as one possible route to get rid of the excess materials. If that is the case, you may experience a number of additional non-urinary symptoms such as changes in digestion, weakness, or other changes in your body.

Another cause of urine sediment is Urinary Tract Infections. The problem does not even have to be related to the urinary tract. Any kind of a metabolic condition can cause your body to attempt to remove the extra waste via the urinary tract, thus creating an unusual appearance of the urine since the chemical composition of it is different than usual.

Diagnosing Causes of Urine Sediment

There is no real way to tell the cause of this symptom just by looking at it. To get a proper diagnosis for why your urine may have sediments, there are a number of urine tests which can be performed, including urine ketone tests. There is also an over the counter urine test called the urine dipstick test that people can do at home. In general, it is always wise to seek help of a highly qualified medical professional when trying to get a correct diagnosis for the cause of this symptom.

Prevention is the Best Approach

Whatever the diagnosis of urine sediment may be, since it can occur due to improper protein metabolism, kidney problems, or many other conditions and diseases that can be a nightmare to have, the best approach is a forward-thinking lifestyle where the person pays attention to their overall health and maintains a lifestyle of healthy diet and enough exercise in order to keep their weight down.

Diet alone can go a very long way to help you decrease the chances of developing many possible disease and disorders. Diets that have plenty of fruits and vegetables also have lots of anti-oxidants. But most importantly, these foods help to clear up your blood stream from cholesterol that builds up along the blood vessels and prevents as much blood to get through, causing you to have a less effective circulation. If you make sure your circulation is good, that ensures that your healthy heart and blood system can bring enough nutrients to all your organs and make sure they are well nourished, which will increase the chance that they will function well.

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