Beeturia - the condition of peeing pink or red colored urine due to consumption of beets.

Beeturia Causes

The red color seen in beeturia is caused by the presence of betalain pigments in beetroot that does not get properly digested and needs to be excreted in excess amounts. The chemical that prevents the pigment from being properly metabolized is called oxalic acid. Additionally, beeturia is also common in cases of iron deficiency.

In general, consuming large amounts of anything will cause the body to try to remove the excess nutrients (even things that are good for the body) as waste. People who consume large amounts of red food, in this case beets or beet-based foods, can have a large enough portion of the consumed beets be excreted through urine, which can cause the urine to take on the pink or red color.

On rare occasions the urine even has a shade of purple from the presence of a pigment called betacyanin. While it can be quite psychologically distressing to see pink, red, or purple urine, the truth is that beeturia is one of the least harmful causes for a strange color to appear in your urine.

Beeturia Diagnosis and Tests

It is difficult to tell what all the chemicals in are in your urine just from looking at it and considering your recent diet history. To be certain of what chemicals make up your pee and whether you indeed have beeturia, you must test your pee using urine tests. This is called urinalysis. There are many different types of urine tests out there. A simple test people can usually do at home is called the urine dipstick test which can easily tell you whether there is any presence of blood in your urine or whether other undesired chemicals are present in your urine.

Urine Colors

If you experience beeturia or a short-term miscoloration of your urine that goes back to being normal yellow urine or white urine shortly after, you probably have nothing to worry about. If you experience orange urine over a prolonged period of time and throughout the day, you may not be getting enough water and the pee is too concentrated. If drinking more fluids and consuming less caffeine and alcohol does not help, you may want to consider looking further into solving the cause for the chronic orange urine because it may be a sign that you have some chemicals in your urine or your kidneys are working harder than they have to. Over consumption of alcohol can also lead to alcoholism or a DUI if arrested driving. A DUI lawyer can assist you with any charges from your arrest.

Additionally, consider other red-colored foods that may be causing you to have redder than usual urine. Many food dies which are used in processed foods like candy or drinks can alter the color of pee. So it pays to think a little harder sometimes, because some unexpected foods may be causing you to have your urine change color.

Additionally, keep in mind that even if your diet has not changed at all, you can still get this condition because beeturia is known to appear and disappear in people over a lifetime. So the same diet can cause you to have urine color change one time, but not some other times.

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