The medical field of study for everything related to the urinary tract like the organs of the urinary tract, urinary problems, urinary health and urinary problem symptom diagnosis.

Urinary Tract

The major organs of the urinary tract are:

Of course, there are more organs in the urinary tract, but the above organs are the most important and a large portion of the urinary tract problems and disorders arise in those organs.

Urinary Tract Problems

There are many urinary tract problems. Some of the most common problems are:

Urinary Tract Symptoms

There are a number of common symptoms that can indicate various problems. Common symptoms are:

Urine Tests - Urinalysis

There are many different types of urine tests. A common test is for a substance called ketone urine test with the test checking for urine ketone levels or urine pH, or urine specific gravity among other things.

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