Salivary Glands

Salivary Glands - found in and around your mouth and throat, these glands secrete saliva into your mouth. They are one of the first organs of the urinary tract.

There are 3 major salivary glands:

Additionally, many tiny glands located in your lips, inner cheek area (buccal mucosa), and extensively in other linings of your mouth and throat.

Urinary Tract and Salivary Glands

This small but important organ in your mouth is responsible for the rest of the digestive and urinary processes in your body. In case of food, the saliva that is released helps to soften the food and lump it into a bolus that is easy to swallow and pass through the rest of the organs where the nutrients from the food will be extracted by the body.

It does not matter whether what you consume is solid food or liquids. Any solid food has a significant amount of liquid inside it and your body will use that. Likely, the waste from the food will be metabolized by the body and much of the waste may be removed in form of urine.

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