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There are many different symptoms the body can display when it is not well. Urinary tract problems tend to have some of the following symptoms described on this page.

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Chronic Bloody Urine

If the red urine just started, it may not be blood, but concentrations of other chemicals. If on the other hand, the bloody urine (hematuria) is chronic, a urologist may prescribe urine testing to diagnose the underlying cause of red urine.

Red Urine at Beginning or End of Stream?

Baby Red Urine

Newborns or under 2 years old - possible

Sex of Patient

Are You Taking Drugs or Medications?

Red Urine and Stomach Pain

Stomach (abdominal) pain with red and bloody urine (hematuria) is commonly associated with the following problems

Pain or Burning While Urinating

Burning sensations during urination are associated with these urinary problems

Urination without burning may be a sign of tumors or polycystic kidneys.

Hematuria and Pregnancy?

Pregnant women have a higher chance of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). UTI can lead to pyelonephritis and increase chances of developing high blood pressure.

History of Urine Problems

Past medical conditions may come back. Some commonly recurring urinary tract problems are:

Bloody Urine and STD

Chlymedia or Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C can cause bloody urine. Sexually acquired urethritis may cause blood in urine.

Fever and Bloody Urine

Fever accompanying bloody urine (Hematuria) is suggestive of

Bruising, Bad Immune System and Bloody Urine?

Easy bruising, general weakness and poorly functioning immune system can be a sign of these urinary problems

Travel History and Bloody Urine

Recent overseas travel may suggest bilharzias or other parasites that may cause digestive diseases as well as urinary problems. Many developing countries have unsanitary water and food conditions and parasites can infect travelers, and cause urinary tract problems.

Weak Stream and Hematuria

Dribbling and weak stream accompanied with red and bloody urine can be a symptoms of prostatic disease. The blood can be from the rupture of enlarged prostatic veins due to prostatic enlargement.

Cloudy Bloody Urine

Kidney Stones may cause intense pain in loin and sides of the stomach, radiating down to groin. Kidney stones may cause cloudy urine due to blood in the urine. Another reason for cloudy urine may be a condition called Phosphaturia where there is too much phosphorus in urine.

Diabetes and Urine Problems

Diabetes causes high ketone levels may not always affect urine color but can be even more dangerous. There are ketone urine tests

General Blood Problems and Bloody Urine?

If you have accompanying symptoms of bleeding disorders like extensive skin bruising, bleeding gums, bleeding nose, heavy menstrual periods, rectal bleeding and painful swollen joints, the blood in urine may be caused by the bleeding disorder and not a particular problem in the urinary tract.

More Red Urine Symptoms

Non-visual Hematuria Symptoms

Sometimes there is not enough blood in the urine to change the color of the pee. That is called Microscopic Hematuria. Be sensitive to changes in overall health and urination patterns. For early diagnosis, carefully monitor the list of symptoms listed above as a presence of a combination of them may suggest problems in the urinary tract.

Sometimes urinary symptoms are very common and medical problems are inaccurately diagnosed. If you have some doubts about your symptom diagnosis, you should try to get a second opinion.

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