Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine - artificial substance that copies the look, physical characteristics and chemical compounds of human urine. Take a look at the synthetic urine product page if you'd like to browse or purchase it.

Why Synthetic Urine Is Needed

Synthetic urine has been created for the laboratory industry. Drug-testing labs, researchers and institutions need urine to calibrate the drug testing equipment. The reason it is needed is that real human urine has some limitations: since it decays quickly, it must be frozen when shipped. Real urine also smells bad, and foams. Also, real urine donors must be checked carefully for drug use or any disease, that can waste their urine, and is an expensive process.

Besides, people have different body chemistry, so urine from different people is not exactly alike, and that can cause troubles for researchers who need consistency in their measurements. To avoid these problems, synthetic urine has been created.

Urine Chemicals

Usually synthetic urine includes about 60-90 mg/dl of urea, which is the normal range in human urine, and has the concentration of creatinine about 37-300 mg/dl. Also it contains about 2 g/l of potassium chloride, about 2 g/l of sodium sulfate, about 0.85 g/l of ammonium phosphate, about 0.85 g/l of ammonium diphosphate, about 0.25 g/l of calcium chloride and about 0.5 g/l of magnesium chloride.

Usual synthetic urine formulation has a specific gravity about 1.00-1.035, a pH about 4-9 and a total solids content about 1.5-6% by weight. For use in urine drug tests, it must have a temperature about 90-100F to be an acceptable urine specimen. The synthetic urine designed to test the drug testing equipment in laboratories can contain some drug substance to ensure that the drug testing equipment is functioning properly.

Synthetic urine can be at normal concentration and in powdered or concentrated form. The concentrated synthetic urine can be stored in the form of a gel, liquid or even paste.

Synthetic Urine and Drug Tests

Use of synthetic urine is most common during urine drug testing. But the use of synthetic urine is much more spread than just in testing. Many people use synthetic urine to substitute their urine testing specimen in order to cheat drug test results. Mostly it works, because testing labs do not conduct any kind of genetic tests and if urine passes the "integrity test," and has a temperature about 90-100F, the lab considers it natural.

In most states, synthetic urine is absolutely legal since many state courts have decided that drug testing is violation of privacy. So using synthetic urine in drug tests is a protection of privacy guaranteed by the Constitution. As of 2011, synthetic urine is prohibited only in AR, IL, KY, OK, NJ, NC and SC.

Overview of Various Urine Tests

There are a number of different and common urine tests. Some tests can be performed at home, and purchased over the counter. This is usually not relevant to synthetic urine since when you use a home urine test, you want to test your own urine. The kinds of tests where synthetic urine is often used are lab tests for someone to determine what is in your urine.

The possible lab tests, usually called Urinalysis, are not intrusive into your body, and all you have to do for such tests is simply bring in a urine sample. The urinalysis can detect just about anything in your pee, but the testers typically focus on presence of particular substances that indicate metabolic abnormalities, STD's, medical disorders or drugs. People who sometimes want to hide any of the above, sometimes submit lab-made synthetic urine as their urine sammple.

Other Uses of Synthetic Urine

Urine drug testing is not the only area where synthetic urine is used. It is used also in diaper industry for testing diapers. People also use the fake pee for jokes and pranks, fetish and even in urine therapy as a substitute for real urine that is unpleasant for hygienic reasons. The most popular products on market is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine by Spectrum Labs and Ultra Pure Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine that can be found in a lot of online stores.

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