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Kids are susceptible to many urological problems, often due to weaker immune systems, and playing in unclean areas which can cause them to come in contact with harmful bacteria that can cause internal irritation.

A defect in fetal development, not known to be hereditary, that occurs in the first month of life, where folds of tissue or membranes that develop prior to birth obstruct or partially obstruct the prostatic urethra. This leads to dilation of the urinary tract behind the obstruction, and therefore leads to abnormal swelling of the ureter and distension of kidney. Some of the symptoms are:

Be aware of these conditions in your newborn: This could lead to serious complications, so don't postpone medical consultation if you suspect this condition in your child.

Sickle Cell Anemia in Kids

An inherited (present in both parents) blood disorder that mostly affects people of African ancestry. It affects hemoglobin (the protein found in red blood cells that helps carry oxygen throughout the body) clogging blood vessels and depriving the body's tissues and organs of the oxygen they need to stay healthy.

Signs and Symptoms:

Diagnosis: Preventative lifestyle:

Children Holding Urine

Children can often hold urine for long periods of time despite feeling the need to urinate simply due to psychological causes. They may be shy to discuss needing to pee or actually peeing in public places. They may also not want to interrupt fun activities they are doing. Holding urine every once in a while is not necessarily damaging. If, on the other hand, the kids make it a habit, it can create a number of urinary tract problems.

Consistent holding of urine can put the child at risk of developing a number of problems with the urinary tract. The consistent fullness of the bladder can allow bacteria to sit in the bladder and have time to multiply. This can cause urinary tract infections. Additionally, the consistent inflammation and possible infections can cause the bladder to be over-stretched and weakened over time, causing problems later in the child's life.

At times babies and young children have an opposite problem. They can't hold their urine stream. Learn more about urinating and peeing at our page about micturition. When children can not hold their stream, they sometimes develop a psychological aversion to sleeping for long periods of time and frequently wake up to pee. This condition is called Nocturia.

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