Phosphaturia is a urinary tract condition where there is too much phosphorus in urine and it causes the urine to appear cloudy or murky color. As with most things, it is usually not a problem if things that are not commonly appearing in urine, actually end up there every once in a while on an irregular and infrequent basis. Urine helps to clear out the system so if any particles appear in urine, it doesn't have to be immediately anything bad.

The primary reason for excess phosphate to appear in urine is characterized by direct excess excretion of phosphate by the kidneys, as from primary renal dysfunction, which can result of many different disorders.

Phosphaturia Diagnosis

The cloudy urine that appears in case of Phosphaturia is just a symptom, and can be potentially caused by many urological, metabolism or other body-system problems. To begin to properly diagnose the root of white urine, milky or cloudy urine, a healthcare professional will likely suggest that a urine test would be performed. There are a number of different urine tests including tests that can be done at home or at a doctor's office. One simple urine test is the urine dipstick test which can detect different chemicals present in urine, and can be performed at home.

A specific type of urine test which can be done in case of suspicion of Phosphaturia is a test to measure the levels of calcium and phosphate in the body as well as a measurement of the parathyroid hormones. As serum calcium levels increase, then serum phosphate level decreases as it is being excreted in the kidneys.

White vs. Cloudy Urine

Since Phosphaturia creates the appearance of cloudy urine, many people don't think too much into it when they see this symptom because cloudy urine is often confused with white urine which is a sign that the pee has not sat in the bladder for too long, and has not mixed with other waste chemicals like Urobilin which is the chemical that causes pee to turn yellow and produces yellow pee.

Phosphaturia From Diet

Whenever our bodies take it too much of just about any chemical that our system does not need, the body simply does not absorb that chemical and attempts to remove the chemical as waste. Consuming a diet full of the Calcium mineral can actually cause Phosphaturia due to larger than normal calcium phosphate levels.

Some foods which may trigger symptoms are not surprisingly foods that are also rich in Calcium. Milk, cheese, and other dairy products can bring back Phosphaturia symptoms.

Phosphaturia From Disorders

At times, Phosphaturia may occur due to disorders that produce too much excess Calcium in our bodies. An example of such disorder are Parathyroid Gland disorders which may affect the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the body and result in the cloudy and murky urine which is a possible symptom of Phosphaturia. Quite often, the symptoms of having cloudy urine is misdiagnosed between Phosphaturia and kidney stones. The best way to know the cause of the murky urine is through a combination of consulting with a medical professional and urinalysis. But to get an idea of whether the cloudy urine is kidney stones is that stones also have accompanying symptoms like painful urination and reduced urine flow. Severe urine production reduction is called Anuria where there is nearly no urine flow, and Oliguria in case of less severe reduction of urine production.

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