Painful Urination

Urinating can cause pain in case of a number of urinary tract problems like Urinary Tract Infections or blockage along the urinary tract from inflammation or kidney stone buildup.

If the painful urination is caused by kidney stones, it may also be accompanied by cloudy urine. Another common symptoms is hematuria which is bleeding along the urinary tract. You can not always see the blood in the pee. If blood is visible with the naked eye, that condition is called Gross Hematuria

There are many possible causes of painful urination. There is no real way to diagnose the cause of the painful urination other than to perform some medical tests. There are a number of urine tests that can be done in the lab or at home, including urine ketone tests.

An over the counter urine test that can be purchased at just about any pharmacy and be performed at the comfort of your own home is the urine dipstick test. The only problem with the dipstick test is that its findings have to be interpreted correctly. In most cases, people qualified to interpret the results of take home tests are doctors of other healthcare professionals, so in either case you may end up having to seek outside help. The healthcare professional will determine whether more tests are necessary, eventually make a diagnosis, and suggest possible treatments.

Painful Urination From Urinary Tract Infections

If you do develop a urinary tract problem, some of the most common are Urinary Tract Infections. Luckily they are almost never life-threatening if treated properly. They can also be mostly avoided with proper hygiene. If they do occur, they can cause inflammation around the bladder and bladder pain.

Painful Urination From Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

Interstitial Cystitis (IC) is a problem that causes hardening of the outer walls of the bladder. Because the walls of the bladder become hardened, when the bladder fills up, the stretching of the stiff bladder can cause pain. IC patients do feel relief of the pain symptoms after having urinated.

Painful Urination From Bladder Cancer

Unfortunately, bladder pain is a commonly cited symptom of bladder cancer. If you are experiencing chronic pain while urinating, you may want to consult with a healthcare professional to undergo the proper tests and diagnosis of the cause of the pain. It is important to first and foremost seek a proper diagnosis made by a healthcare professional. Don't panic or jump to any conclusions before you find out the correct diagnosis for your painful urination.

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