Nocturia - unusually frequent urination at night, causing patients to wake up several times during the night to urinate.

Nocturia Causes

Nocturia is caused by a number of causes ranging from simply drinking too many fluids during the evening to life-threatening condition like the loss of kidney function. Serious causes of nocturia can be urinary tract conditions like benign prostatic hyperplasia, Cystitis, Diabetes, Chronic renal failure, Urinary Tract Infections.

Non-urinary tract causes of nocturia are drug-induced frequent urination, sleeping disorders, or high levels of blood calcium. Sometimes the cause the constant waking up is psychological or environmental. Stress can cause a person to wake up many times throughout the night. Since we tend to feel the urge to urinate after we wake up since while we sleep the urine builds up in our bladders, the waking may be mis-attributed to nocturia while it is largely caused by anxiety. Environmental factors can also cause people to frequently wake up. Something as common as a snoring spouse can cause frequent nightly waking and subsequent urination.

Children who have recently peed in their beds can sometimes wake up frequently for peeing in order to avoid the embarrassment of wetting their beds again.

Nocturia Tests and Treatment

Nocturia diagnosis consists of a number of urine tests (urinalysis) and blood tests to check urea nitrogen levels, hydration and blood chemical levels.

Treatment of nocturia depends on the underlying cause of the increase of nightly urination. Sometimes the treatment is as simple as drinking more fluids and reduce caffeine consumption. More serious causes of nocturia require specific treatments to cure the underlying causes.

If simply drinking less before going to bed, or peeing right before going to bed does not help, you may want to seek a diagnosis from a qualified healthcare professional. The healthcare professional who specializes in urinary tract issues such as a urologist can prescribe correct lab tests and eventually make a proper diagnosis as to why you are experiencing the abnormally frequent urge to urinate during the night. The doctor will also come up with a treatment plan for you to try out to help get rid of the problem.

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