Melanuria is the condition of having dark colors in urine. It can make urine appear orange, amber, black, or dark brown. There can be a number of causes for the darkened urine.

Melanuria is the condition of having dark colors in urine. It can create the appearance of

Melanuria Causes

There are countless substances that can appear in urine. Due to various disorders or metabolic problems, protein can appear in urine. Protein in urine is called Proteinuria. One example of proteinuria is Albuminuria which is the presence of a protein called Albumin, which in high concentrations can indicate serious urinary tract problems, especially with the kidneys and how they filter waste and useful substances.

Healthy kidneys allow the blood to pass through them, and to carry the proteins through the kidneys and have them remain in the blood. Damaged kidneys allow the proteins to pass through them and that creates a lack of protein in blood and a concentration of protein in the urine. Albuminuria can be a symptom of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or complete kidney failure.

Melanuria Tests

Various urine tests are available to take either at home or at the doctor's office. A urine dipstick test can detect proteins or other substances in urine. Ketone Urine Tests are also appropriate.

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