Holding Urine

Holding Urine - the practice of resisting urinary urge due to inability to urinate at the moment of urge due to environmental or physical constraints. Consistently holding your urine may lead to a number of urinary problems.

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Weakened Bladder

The best urination practice is to empty the bladder frequently. There are a number of reasons for that. The simplest reason is that when the urine is allowed to sit in the bladder for too long, the bacteria begin to mix together and accumulate, which is one of the most common causes of urinary infections. Women are especially urged to urinate whenever they get the urinary urge as they are more susceptible to urinary tract infections (UTI). Older men (after age of 45) are in danger of a prostate infection - prostatitis.

It is generally advised to monitor your urination frequency in order to maintain some consistency and also detect any early signs and symptoms of urinary tract problems. Additionally, people who consistently hold in their pee until the very last moment are at higher chance of bladder cancer due to the constant inflammation this creates in the body.

Holding Painful Urination

People with existing urinary tract problems will sometimes try to resist the urge to urinate in order to avoid the pain that comes during the process of urination. In this case, the patient should be treated for the problem which is causing the pain, and the psychological and environmental barriers which can cause holding urine, take a back seat to the source of the pain. If the root cause is a problem like kidney stones, urine may come out cloudy and in cases of a number of disorders, the urine can be bloody.

Weakened Bladder

Over time, consistent stretching of the bladder and possible inflammation the organ may cause the bladder to weaken, which would make it less able to hold the urine and force the person to need to pee immediately after feeling the urge to urinate. In severe cases that typically occur in older adults, the bladder becomes so weak that it can not hold urine completely and adults may be required to wear diapers in case they are not able to hold their urine. Take care of your bladder while you can.

Children Holding Urine

Children commonly hold urine due to simply being annoyed with having to go to the bathroom and interrupting what they are doing. They can also be doing it because they are shy to urinate in public places. Educate your children about listening to the needs of their bodies so they can develop healthy habits early on in life.

Holding Urine Due to Urinary Problems

Sometimes people hold urine simply from an inability to urinate which can cause them to have a number of complications including fluid retention as just one such problem. This can be caused by many different problems like yeast infections or bladder infections among other things. It may not even be something directly related to the urinary tract.

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